Complex care plans simplified

Better Care - Save Time - Increase Billings - No Upfront Cost

Complex Care Plan is a value-added EMR tool that makes it easy to create complex care plans customized to each patient. Instead of manually searching EMR data and filling out impractical forms, Complex Care Plan automatically scans EMR entries, identifies all eligible patients based on chronic health conditions, and instantly creates insightful care plans with zero effort.


Empower patients with actionable data for better care outcomes.

Complex Care Plan ensures no qualified patients are missed and makes EMR data truly actionable by applying analytics, embedded national guidelines and best practices. Chronic health conditions are identified early and addressed proactively before they become acute, improving health care delivery. objectives, to establish care plans.


Capture additional revenue with zero effort.

Within minutes of installation, Complex Care Plan automatically identifies all eligible patients with no effort allowing physicians to easily capture additional fee revenue. With Complex Care Plan, annual fees have increased by up to $30,000 per physician.

You only pay Coalese Health when you get paid.

Unlike other practice management solutions, Complex Care Plan charges no upfront or monthly fees. We invoice your clinic only for the care plans you create, and after billings have been reimbursed.

Spend less time creating complex care plans and more time with patients.

Physicians using Complex Care Plan spend less time planning and more time engaging patients with insightful lists, charts, graphs, and suggested actions based on shared goals. Patients are empowered to proactively manage their health for better outcomes.

An introduction to Coalese Comprehensive Care Plans

"Healthcare workers [using Coalese] have responded to their new remote EMR access abilities with enthusiasm and have already seen an improvement of patient outcomes."
"I think Canadians are dead on the money on this one!"

EMRs on the iPhone: The Canadian Lesson, with extracts from ITWorld Canada

"Branch has shown how the information can be used to identify best practices in hypertension management and measure the performance of a multidisciplinary team in improving these measures."

Ahead of the Curve: Future Practice, published by the Canadian Medical Association

"One Calgary company is positioning itself to cut through the clutter to help improve the performance of electronic health care records by putting access to them in the pockets of paramedics, doctors, and others in the front lines of health care delivery - securely, of course."

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