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Coalese provides value added tools that enable existing electronic medical record (EMR) systems to be used more effectively to allow physicians to capture revenue opportunities, while providing innovative and needed improvements to health care delivery, positively impacting patients’ care directly, and health care authorities ability to analyze program performance. This is accomplished without any modification to the physician’s EMR system, and can also be used by the entire health care team.

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Coalese Comprehensive Patient Care Plans

Comprehensive Care Plans provide patients with up to date written reports based on their individual health risk factors. These plans incorporate internationally accepted guidelines, and patients’ personal health objectives, to establish care plans.

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Coalese Analytics

Coalese Analytics provides for state of the art analysis of practice efficiency and effectiveness, including predictive analysis of health outcomes within a physician’s clinic. Coalese Analytics can assess how health care interventions have changed a clinic’s overall patient health status.

"Healthcare workers [using Coalese] have responded to their new remote EMR access abilities with enthusiasm and have already seen an improvement of patient outcomes."
"I think Canadians are dead on the money on this one!"

EMRs on the iPhone: The Canadian Lesson, with extracts from ITWorld Canada

"Branch has shown how the information can be used to identify best practices in hypertension management and measure the performance of a multidisciplinary team in improving these measures."

Ahead of the Curve: Future Practice, published by the Canadian Medical Association

"One Calgary company is positioning itself to cut through the clutter to help improve the performance of electronic health care records by putting access to them in the pockets of paramedics, doctors, and others in the front lines of health care delivery - securely, of course."

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