Software that enables better care outcomes for patients with chronic disease.

Complex Care Plan by Coalese Health provides patients with up to date written reports based on their individual health risk factors. These plans incorporate internationally accepted guidelines, and patients’ personal health objectives, to establish actionable care plans. Further information is provided to patients summarizing their historical results, current objectives, and predictive analysis of their health if specific goals are achieved. Physicians also benefit with the improvement of patient care through patient specific reports and objectives which have been mutually agreed upon with their patients.

Coalese Clinic Analytics

These assessments have proven invaluable to both physicians and their health care authorities in assessing areas of excellence in care and areas requiring additional interventions and support. Coalese Predictive Analytics takes this assessment further by providing insight and assessment of the greatest areas of need for interventions within a clinic’s population allowing for preventative measures and care to be undertaken prior to negative health implications occurring. For example, clinics utilizing this product have identified patients with indicators demonstrating a pre-diabetic status. Coalese’s reports allowed for early intervention to be initiated for these people thereby preventing or delaying diabetes from occurring. Ongoing discussions with PCNs are occuring to establish pricing decisions. Revenue projections currently include Coalese Comprehensive Care Plans only at this time.